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Parasites and Diseases Frequently Found in Dogs


Most dog owners know that the key to a healthy dog is a nutritious diet and lots of exercise. Although important, these two items alone do not make your dog completely impervious to disease or infection. Probably the most important you can do for your dog is to pay attention to them. If your dog develops diarrhea, quits eating as much as normal, or doesn't seem to have the energy she usually has, she may be showing symptoms of a simple illness that will go away without any long term effects. These same symptoms are common in other more serious medical conditions, and if they worsen or persist longer than just a few days, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to have her checked for infections, parasites, or other illnesses.

While unexceptional, diarrhea is an extremely dangerous condition to dogs, especially in puppies. It can be caused by something as simple as a diet change or stress, but can also be brought on by a viral, bacterial, or parasitic cause. One of the most serious consequences of diarrhea in dogs, more so in puppies, is dehydration. Dehydration can quickly claim the life of your dog, especially in the very young or very old.

If your pet suffers from diarrhea for more than 24 hours, you should seek advice from a veterinarian. More than likely, your vet will ask you to bring a stool sample into their office so they can inspect it and see if a cause and potential treatment can be found. A very simple process for collecting the sample is to take a quart-sized zipper bag and turn it inside out. Place your hand in the bag and grab hold of the sample firmly. While keeping a good grip on the sample, pull the bag back over your hand and zip it shut.

If you find your dog sneezing, coughing, or see discharge coming from her nose and/or eyes, she may have a respiratory infection. An Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) may cause your dog to lose her appetite and become lethargic. URI's are contagious between dogs, but it cannot be passed from a dog to its owner. URI's are treatable, especially if found quickly. Early detection of a URI is crucial, because overlooked dogs suffer from acute dehydration and can easily develop pneumonia.

Another common respiratory disease is Bordetella, or "kennel cough". Frequently caught in animal shelters or boarding kennels, Bordetella is a condition that is passed only from dog to dog. It is a short lived disease, and the majority of dogs recover within a few days with proper care and rest. If you are considering a vacation or extended absence from your home and intend on placing your dog in a kennel or "hotel", you should have her vaccinated against Bordetella.

Speaking of vaccinating your dog, there are vaccinations available to ward off more serious diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, and rabies. In fact, most counties and cities require pet owners to vaccinate their dogs. By making vaccinations mandatory, authorities hope to ensure the health and safety of dogs and humans alike. Rabies, unlike most other dog infections and diseases, is easily passed from animal to human. If you had your dog vaccinated as a puppy, you're ahead of the game. Don't assume though that just because she had her "puppy shots" that she is protected. Yearly boosters are required to help reduce the risks of these serious diseases to your dog.

Dogs also act as hosts to many parasites. Sarcoptic mites and mange live on the hair follicles and the dog's skin. Ear mites take up residence on the inside of your dog's ears. Worms is also a very common parasite found in dogs. If you see something resembling a grain of rice around your dog's anus, or where she sleeps, she is likely infested with worms. It is a good idea to take a sample of your dog's feces with her to the vet for her annual check-up. Examining your dog's fecal matter is one way the vet has to see if your dog is the victim of any internal parasites. Some parasites, such as mites, may be too small for you to see with the naked eye. If your dog is shaking her head more than usual, scratching or biting at her skin, or pawing at her ears, she may have a parasite, or a dog's biggest nemesis, fleas. Even though you may not think it because they are so small, parasites can cause your dog tremendous amounts of discomfort.

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Not only is flaxseed oil extremely beneficial to us humans, flax seed oil for canines also have substantial health benefits.

Producers that make commercial dog food have become very adept at making good quality products that have important nourishment and omega -3, oily fatty acids.

The processing that takes place with modern pet food means most of the healthy essential fatty acids are left out. The reason being, it tends to turn rancid very quickly if not kept in a dry, cold location.

Future omega-3 deficiencies in a dog can lead to a number of health problems such as dry, flaky skin, dull coat, heart problems, inflammatory and immune disorders, allergies, joint disease and even cancer.

Here's The Reason Why Flax Seed Oil for Dogs Is preferable to Fish Oil

Just like humans, fish products can be especially distasteful to dogs and in addition they might even come with an allergy to it.

Flax Seed oil doesn't just provide the same health benefits as its fishy counterpart; it also consists of numerous health qualities your pet dog will reap the benefits of. Among other nutrients, flax seed essential oil is rich in useful dietary fiber which is required to keep your dog's digestive system in good working order.

Flax Seed Oil Health Benefits For Your Dog

Just a little flax seed oil added to your best friend's meal regularly might help avoid a number of unpleasant problems:

  • Dry, Unhealthy Fur

A dogs coat is a good indicator to its health and when it appears lifeless and dull you know your best friend has concerns. Deficiencies in essential oils can result in dry itchy skin, inflammation and sore red patches and chunks of fur missing.

A dull coat and itching, flaky skin is a certain indicator of omega-3 deficiencies in a dog. Simply by including a small amount of flaxseed oil to your dog's meal will usually see these symptoms vanish within a week or two.

If your dog has a poor coat or showing signs of flaking and itching skin, you can be assured that flaxseed oil will remedy the issue and prevent it from returning.

  • Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is a painful and often life-threatening condition. My old dog suffered awfully from it and I understand how sad it is to see.

It's quite amazing and unfortunate that so many dogs suffer from joint disease throughout their life, which has much to do with not getting sufficient omega-3 fatty oils in their daily diet.

Other Health Conditions Helped by Flaxseed Oil

Apart from the principal two conditions stated earlier, studies have shown that giving flax seed oil to dogs will benefit them in further areas, such as;

The risk of developing heart disease could be decreased with flaxseed oil. The oil's qualities help to stop the build up of thick blood which can lead to clots and ultimately a heart attack.

Cancer Treatment - Flax seeds are abundant with lignans, which are healthy proteins that contain anti- viral, anti- fungal and anti-cancer components. These lignans boost the immune system and work by slowing the expansion and spread of cancer or by even preventing it to start with.


Flaxseed oil for dogs is a powerful way to raise the essential fatty acids in their diet, as well as introducing a number of other healthy substances not found in fish. Try adding it to your dogs food and you'll see a fitter, healthier and happier dog.

If you would like to know more about flaxseed oil benefits, visit: We have information, articles and flax seed recipes for you to enjoy.

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