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Slide choke collars more commonly known as choke chains have been around for ages. Many people have used them as collars for their dogs, insisting that they are a valuable training aid that allows them to train their dogs not to pull on their leash while out walking and to give them more control in obedience training. For many years this was the collar of choice professionals used in training dogs and even today many still use them. Others claim that choke chains are dangerous and should never be used. The debate between those who like them and those who think they are humane, rages on and meanwhile the average dog owner is left not knowing if choke chains are a good choice for their dog or a death trap waiting to happen. Hopefully, this article will help you decide if you want to use a choke collar for your dog.

What a Choke Chain is Designed to Do

A choke collar is designed to be used in training exuberant and strong dogs to walk on a leash without pulling. It was made to pinch the dogs brachial nerve in much the same way a mother dog would nip her pup's neck to stop undesirable behavior. If fitted properly and used by a professional trainer who has had experience in working with choke chains, they can indeed teach a dog not to pull on a leash as doing so causes the dog discomfort that he quickly learns can be avoided by walking correctly.

A choker should never be used as anything but a training aid and should not be kept on the dog when not leash training. It is not meant to be an every day collar and should never be used as such. It also should never be used on any puppy under 6 months old either by you or by an experienced trainer.

The problem with the average person using a choke collar for their dogs training is that these types of dog collars can cause damage to your dog's trachea if used improperly. Most people who purchase choke chains do not have the training or the knowledge to use these chains properly or effectively and so they risk harming their dog and do not achieve the desired behavior they are seeking.

The Real Danger of Choke Chains

The reason so many people oppose the use of choke chains and the real danger in using one is too many, people leave the choker on their dog and then tie them outside or turn them loose to play in an enclosed space without removing the choke chain. Too many times a young healthy dog has been at play and gotten tangled or caught on something and literally hung himself because the collar tightened cutting off his air supply. There has been case after case of dog deaths due to hanging when the dog was wearing a choker.

There are other types of dog collars that can be used to train your dog against pulling that are easier and safer to use. If you intend to use a choke chain to train your dog, learn how to use one correctly.

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